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a little love story: ed marries cat

A recent set of wedding stationery that I helped put together for people that I adore! Catherine and Edward have been our very dear friends, (Edward was Avery’s videogame buddy from grade school!) these two people display a sweet and … Continue reading

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digging thru the attic: story of art exibit invitation

A little piece of lovely identity print work from a while ago for a friend, the talented Kenneth, a musican, a vocalist, a painter, an illustrator, a photographer… and the list goes on. The story of art exhibition came together … Continue reading


The best design I’ve come across lately

Who would dare to use that blue, a little bit too vibrant, too loud, too bold, too intense; too brave for my sometimes monotonous color palette. Perfectly sculpted little pieces securely but unconfinedly glued on; a little bit too much … Continue reading

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my very first post after the age of xanga

Being a grandma material, this blogging thing is quite groundbreaking, so does my old school little fabulous canon ixus 8515 (my too cool 16 year old little sister refused to borrow it during a desperate-need-for-camera-situation) needs to tag along everywhere? … Continue reading

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Glory wouldn’t write the first post so here I am. Wow it’s been so long since I’ve played around with website and coding and *geeky* stuff – but it feels great to finally have this wordpress going. Love the messing … Continue reading