a little love story: chloe and jason

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the sky is finally bright and blue and the sun joyfully out, the day is intensely hot and work is graciously slowing down a bit – oh my happy day to sit by the window in the luxury of some mild air-conditioning, a cup of caffeine, catching up on some avery time – it’s time to reconnect with the world with some lovely work and gratitude for all the great people i met over some very busy months!

i first met the lovely chloe and jason at a starbucks – was busy setting up my humble office space back then and was in the midst of figuring out what the new season would bring… so there i was, a bag of chaos and blah. the couple came in right when i was munching on my lunch salad, i looked up and was brightened up by chloe’s shy yet cheerful smile and those huge black and blinky shinny eyes, so hooked on her that i totally missed jason (oops!)  yet it was jason who started the excitement and did all the talking! it’s rare to have a groom getting all excited and giving a full go on wedding stationeries, and the talking and sunny enthusiasm brought me into their story and relationship… that was how we started, as they happily unfolded their story to me, with their hands held the whole time, patiently watching me finish up my bite :)

they have a thing for african fields and safaris, the raw and the pure out there in the world; also big fans of “up” the pixar movie! (me tooooo!), possessing a love for adventure and a passion to see the world. their childlikeness and idealism seeps out like sunshine between and around them.

it’s been awesome meeting these clingy lovebirds – i wish you two the best in the days to come as you build your house-with-hot-air-balloons together and set out on your very own adventure to see the world and shine!

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