a little love story: jerry 100

jerry100_1jerry100_2jerry100_3i’ve been waiting, and the day had finally come! jerry my little one is finally sleeping through the night (at his 7th month!) and life is getting a little bit easier. we could get a block of 11 hours of sleep if we were to skip dinner and go straight to bed – but of course, we refuse to get in bed till midnight. i simply cannot get enough of my sans jerry time: take-out shanghainese food from my favorite joint, dinner on the couch to go with the occasional movie…life is good!

jerry used to be so tiny, i can’t remember how he’d turned into what he is now. he used to occupy our bed with his stretched-out (yet below-average-short short) arms and stayed just like that throughout the night – now he sleeps in his own bed in his own room rolling around like a dreamy kung fu master. he used to enjoy laying down on his changing table for a fresh wipe while peeing at his own face – now the changing table’s become his least favorite place, because the big boy needs to sit up at all times so he won’t miss any chance to grab and chew on the closest thing around.

so as chinese tradition goes, 5 months ago, we put together a 100-day party for jerry and i made an invitation for the occasion. jerry’s chinese name means “waiting on sunrise” – inspired by the life of jeremiah the prophet.

stand firm to what life throws at you, my little jerry boy, and stay forever hopeful that sunrise will come, and the bright rising sun shall shine upon all!

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