a little love story: jena and yves

jenayves1jenayves2jenayves3jenayves4jenayves5jenayves6it’s been some long dreadful hot gloomy rainy weeks in hong kong, and so here i am checking in with this breezy summery set i did a while back for the lovely jena!

oh jena, exactly the kind of beauty that walked straight off some fancy fashion editorial, so being barely 5’2″ myself… intimidated? ah maybe a little bit, but she also brought along her laidback californian breeze with the most generous and genuine of smiles which made our first meeting and everything onwards mega enjoyable! jena came in with quite clear a vision of what she wanted, the brief was clear: wedding in cali (where home is) with big sur and the ocean being the perfect backdrop, foral, hydrangea, dusty pastel palette, art deco (and that has nothing to do with the great gatsby heat wave), rustic, elegant, classy, feminine. but she also allowed me to have as much creative freedom as a designer would love when it comes to creating the set. she was the precious kind that trusted me enough to adore mostly everything i built for her! never a debate on my choice of typefaces nor graphic decisions and of course staying on schedule no matter how much travelling she’s been doing! we started with some sweet bridesmaids invitations and measurement cards for prepping the perfect bridesmaid attire, then we moved on to a save the date bookmark, the main invitation set hinting at the beautiful wedding venue. and with jena being on top of things, we were also able to echo out our set with her actual wedding flowers and decor!

jena, you’ve truly been a designer’s dream bride to create stationery for, i wish for the best in everything you and yves do as you embark on a new journey! and by the way the humid hot summer here will soon be gone and we’ll be enjoying some autumn breeze soon :) (nay, both of us aren’t a fan of the heat!)

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