a little love “storey” on the 23rd

We’ve been meeting with clients at coffee places around town long enough, and have since learned of some the best hang-out places in town, where to find the best coffee, and where to fill stomachs with the best high tea set.

But we figured it’s time we settle down at an office of our own.

After weeks of looking for
– the perfect neighbourhood (with nearby places for coffee breaks and shopping, and nearby friends to do the above)
– the perfect building (with friendly caretakers and without unfriendly bugs)
– the perfect office (not too big so we won’t break our wallets over furniture, but not too small that we can have friends over for spontaneous parties)

And…this is where we are now!

We’d love to have you stop by, say hi and have a coffee with us as we take a break –
Rm 2302, 21 Yiu Wah Street, Causeway Bay, HK.
Give us a ring at 3580-1825 before you visit. See you all soon!

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a little love story: natalie & david

phew! it’s great to be back home. avery and i were in nyc last week for my college best friend’s wedding, supposedly for a just a little bit less than a week but yea… we got caught up with sandy and then it became a prolonged vacation of “we’ve never seen anything like this before” hurricane watch, chinese take-out (chinese are unbeatable, oosh!), and just… well, sit. but we’re so glad that the worst is over and the city is recovering. we are few of the blessed ones that got to get on the first flights to fly back to hk our home sweet home.

So! here is a lovely set that i did a while back with the amazing natalie! the elegantly romantic kind of bride- high pony tail, fitted suit and heels, and tall too, you get it. on top of her intensely demanding lawyer duties, she’s very passionate about her wedding hence we get all these creative ideas flying and built an elaborate set of stationery from the invitation set down to on-the-day place cards, menus and so on.

the very british natalie met david the all-american boy thru a mutual friend and they instantly hit off, and then it’s happy ever after, you know, the perfect kind of love story! which brought us to the perfect kind of proposal story!-

david pulled all the excuses he needed and took natalie to palawan! with a weekend getaway treat and trip in mind, natalie took all the time she wanted to slowly stroll down the beach, with gentle waves, lovely breezes, it was a perfect afternoon. they walked along and picked up all these lovely seashells, david kept them all for her in his pockets, and more strolling, more breezes, more waves, more seashells, natalie just didn’t want to stop…  and more seashells, slower strolls, more seashells, slower strolls, more seashells in his pocket, they were still nowhere near the sunset side of the island, the ring in the pocket missed sunset and couldn’t make its appereance as plotted. but they still moved on to the perfectly romantic bbq dinner with music and natalie’s favorite suckling pig. dessert came along and couldn’t wait any longer, with the perfect song playing, david dug into his pants of sand and seashells for the lost ring, he went down on one knee and popped the question. happy tears and they were getting married!

the intimate and enchanting wedding happened at the beautiful half moon bay in san francisco. followed with a wedding reception in hk to continue the celebraton, so we’ve also put together another red invitation set, chinese style! yay!


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a little love story: hiram marries connie

air con off, windows wide opened, pretty flowers and bossa nova – the frist breeze of autumn is finally here.

a little autumn treat – the save the date bookmark for connie and hiram! the celebration started at the proposal in the romantic carriage ride in paris. formal invitation will be printed soon and we are all super excited! story to be continued…

i love vegging out in rainy days, jog and sweat a good one under the heat, layering fashion and cozy beret hats with hot coco, but the first breeze of everything is always the best! so we all love save the date cards!! yay!

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a little love story: justin marries tammy

to be continued… stay tuned! (aww i can’t wait!)

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our first wedding fair

there’s a serious wedding fair culture here in hong kong, they seem to be around every corner, it’s quite amazing. and we were invited to this year’s Island Shangrila’s bridal show and it happened just this sunday. yay.

i was honestly nervous and didn’t know what to expect, we printed new brochures, new business cards (now that avery’s fully on board! yay!), explored the flower market, went on a tissue paper hunt and built a garden of paper flowers… i freaked out ten times along the way, thanks to avery who kept me sane.

it was great finally peeking out of our heads to meet all the other wedding devoters out there, nice to meet you all!

phew! and our new website is out too! please say hi!!


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everybody needs a blue sky holiday!

i am sitting here cooling down, recovering from my (unbelievable) jog-in-the-idle-stuffy-hot-air routine – the dull hot greyish white sky still reigns out the window, my stuffed head is still here orchestrating my body in slow motion, my nasty sore throat is still dancing with the heat outside. here i have a tray filled with all sorts of undone work having their little party, a new website in the making, the room is messy, paper, ribbons everywhere, everything yelling for my attention… oh man!

i aimlessly browse thru the machine and, there! our honeymoon album!

look at this! speechless, right?

the heat in the room instantly changes from that of a tired “jogged-out” body and a buzzing computer to that from the sun in maldives (where i can choose to dive right back into the pool!) my sweat starts to smell like the ocean… i’m almost there by the sea…

to my fellow hk survivers, my little treat for you!

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a little love story: monique & joseph

i strive to be more disciplined on posting new work or, just about anything, i know this is the best way to keep in touch with the lovely brides that i’ve worked and laughed with and with my fellow paperie lovers, j-j-just that i’m not that kind that have enough to talk about? i hope you are still out there reading and supporting my work!

so! there you go, a past project that i’ve never got around to post. a romantic piece that taught me how to drink, walked me into the world of winery romance, thus pause every once a while to take in the world with a little bit of more peace and spice.

monique the beautiful, soft and tender bride, has been a good friend of mine for some good years, i met her when i got back in town after college, where i was quite confused about the new/old environment and with a slightly broken heart from past relationships. we talked our hearts out at one random but magically blessed occasion, we helped each other to get back on track. from then on we kept each other posted with our lastest boys’ stories, i dare say i know her path on where she found her man from the beginning to the destiny! (yay!!) and how honored i am to be able to put in my two cents onto her mark of her next chapter!

joe is a true wine connoisseur! an obsessive fine dining lover, well-respected, and ah! his voice cracks when he gets excited! (ya, a lot of those moments at their wedding!!) so, this one day, monique yanked joe to come up with a wine to describe her, and joseph was at a loss. “sorry, can’t think of anything.” dang! sorry! oops. so the story went, he went on his usual wine exploration and there he stumbled upon THE wine – “elegant and light with feminine features that possess many levels of density….” and he bought the entire batch and named it “Cuvee Monique“.

i have tasted it and till now it’s remained my favorite!

“How much more pleasing is your love than wine.” thank you for sharing the romance with the rest of us!


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a little love story: peter marries beverly

we filled our first ever meet-up chatting a bit too loud and giggled a bit too intensely, we talked about everything BUT her wedding (we got more into our *other* non-weddingly secret operation… it’s a secret).

bevie was a (tall) ballerina, obsessed with all sorts of heart-shaped anything, and all the way pink! the über girlie girl kind of bride! peter proposed as part of her birthday celebration and popped the question up in a helicopter above the beautiful victoria harbor with a tag-along professional photographer! and that brought me the pictures of the brightest smiles i’ve seen!!

i had such an inspiringly awesome time working with B, and we both fell in love with mr. helicopter here. such a blessing to have met a client, ultimately a friend that enjoys my work almost more than i do. i’m extremely encouraged and fueled up and once again Bevie reminded of how much i love my job.

thanks B!:)

it’s going to be the sweeeeetest wedding and looking forward to all the crazy wifey stories ahead!! yayyie!!

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a little love story: allison & terence

i met allison for the very first time with her mom there, i think it was the first time that i got to meet with a parent of a client! as intimidating as it sounds, it turned out to be one of the best meeting i’ve had so far!

allison is a very fine and delicate very british kind of girl with an american accent; she strolled in almost with an autuum breeze and she spoke with a sweet soft voice, (which got me too, to speak softer with more sophistication!) we had a good time over tea, it felt more like catching up with a family friend and a very nice “auntie” than anything. it struck me how auntie was so supportive with wedding planning, so on board yet so relaxed, on top of that she was on full gear rooting for allison and terence’s blessed relationship. it was beautiful!

allison and terence met thru a mutual friend at the elegant piano bar on kensington high street, london, and then things just sparked off for them, all the things of a boy that used to annoy allison didn’t happend on terence the same way (hmm, like long socks… a nay on everyone, but a yay on terence) and it was decided that they were truly special for each other! terence was also allison’s first love, so fragile yet so solid, so exciting yet so close to home. her heart has never been broken before and is now under the safest roof.

a charmingly elegant love story, i’m so honored to be part of the celebration. all the best ahead guys! x

and now that i’m familiar with the london map from the map illustrations; cannot wait to visit, the last time i was in london was 10 years ago!

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a little love story: emmy and yasuhiro

the holiday season is over and i’m finally back on my feet.

emmy oh emmy! a straight off dolly perfect from japanese beauty magazines!! you know, the kind that i keep for haircut and make up references? the kind of face that i just simply stare into for hours admiring. a mysterious light seems to follow this girl around to give her that perfect glow on her cheeks. it’s pretty crazy. the first time we met i was like “can i touch your hair?” i’m glad that i didn’t scare emmy off with my random request and we’ve already gone into deep sharing on that first time we met about long distance relationship experiences and we even shed some happy tears.

emmy met yasu in graduate school in london, a love at first sight kind of affection hooked them up and then it was the strong love bond, patience and faith that kept them together while being physically apart after graduation; emmy moved back to hong kong and yasu, tokyo. astronomical number of phone calls, visits and- love letterss (!)… awww. a walking testimony to encourage all passionate long distances lovers here.

i’ll make sure that i check up on her later to make sure that she is still picture perfect in the midst of being a wifey wife! ha! :D

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