/ a little love story: connie and hiram /

/ a little love story: connie and hiram /

“once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.”

we’re very well into the new year, is it just me or does anyone feel surreal living in the 2013? it’s just getting all the more numerically futuristic and we’re not too far from where doraemon’s (or ding dong, the cat robot from 22nd century) from, avery just shut down the mysterious find my friends app. (that explains my weak iphone battery.) i find it funny too on how avery gets to play nba2k vid games with his friend across the sea. a very nobita-gets-grounded-totally-doomed-but-still-gets-to-play-kinda thing. seriously, i can just sit here and feel funny looking around and absorbing the fairy tale we are living now.

another fairy tale started with my first encounter with connie about a year ago, a mute back then! (she just had surgery on her throat and had to refrain from speaking, but she could’t stop talking in our second meeting) she eagerly scribbled on paper and unfolded her story for me…

hiram, her creative boyfriend of ten solid years, crafted the perfect moment – in a horse carriage trotting through the city streets of Paris – to pop the question with the wedding ring. after the save-the-date bookmarks, we worked out a tri-fold invitation tied with a flannel ribbon. and connie is not just a do-it-all kinda girl, she’s more like the do-it-EVERYTHING kind of girl! she handcrafted a yellow-page-thick guest book, set up an sensational display of her journey with hiram in glass box display style, a candy corner with hand-picked treats, a garden of individual budding plants for guests to take home with. she also fed me when i was home alone, was both hands and feet on with my first wedding fair, came to eat with me at printer runs, cheered me up with her occasional treats… this girl deserves another 12 hours from doraemon each day.

congrats connie, and thank you for giving me a designer’s fairy tale!