/ a little love story: natalie & david /

/ a little love story: natalie & david /

phew! it’s great to be back home. avery and i were in nyc last week for my college best friend’s wedding, supposedly for a just a little bit less than a week but yea… we got caught up with sandy and then it became a prolonged vacation of “we’ve never seen anything like this before” hurricane watch, chinese take-out (chinese are unbeatable, oosh!), and just… well, sit. but we’re so glad that the worst is over and the city is recovering. we are few of the blessed ones that got to get on the first flights to fly back to hk our home sweet home.

So! here is a lovely set that i did a while back with the amazing natalie! the elegantly romantic kind of bride- high pony tail, fitted suit and heels, and tall too, you get it. on top of her intensely demanding lawyer duties, she’s very passionate about her wedding hence we get all these creative ideas flying and built an elaborate set of stationery from the invitation set down to on-the-day place cards, menus and so on.

the very british natalie met david the all-american boy thru a mutual friend and they instantly hit off, and then it’s happy ever after, you know, the perfect kind of love story! which brought us to the perfect kind of proposal story!-

david pulled all the excuses he needed and took natalie to palawan! with a weekend getaway treat and trip in mind, natalie took all the time she wanted to slowly stroll down the beach, with gentle waves, lovely breezes, it was a perfect afternoon. they walked along and picked up all these lovely seashells, david kept them all for her in his pockets, and more strolling, more breezes, more waves, more seashells, natalie just didn’t want to stop…  and more seashells, slower strolls, more seashells, slower strolls, more seashells in his pocket, they were still nowhere near the sunset side of the island, the ring in the pocket missed sunset and couldn’t make its appereance as plotted. but they still moved on to the perfectly romantic bbq dinner with music and natalie’s favorite suckling pig. dessert came along and couldn’t wait any longer, with the perfect song playing, david dug into his pants of sand and seashells for the lost ring, he went down on one knee and popped the question. happy tears and they were getting married!

the intimate and enchanting wedding happened at the beautiful half moon bay in san francisco. followed with a wedding reception in hk to continue the celebraton, so we’ve also put together another red invitation set, chinese style! yay!