/ a little love story: monique & joseph /

/ a little love story: monique & joseph /

i strive to be more disciplined on posting new work or, just about anything, i know this is the best way to keep in touch with the lovely brides that i’ve worked and laughed with and with my fellow paperie lovers, j-j-just that i’m not that kind that have enough to talk about? i hope you are still out there reading and supporting my work!

so! there you go, a past project that i’ve never got around to post. a romantic piece that taught me how to drink, walked me into the world of winery romance, thus pause every once a while to take in the world with a little bit of more peace and spice.

monique the beautiful, soft and tender bride, has been a good friend of mine for some good years, i met her when i got back in town after college, where i was quite confused about the new/old environment and with a slightly broken heart from past relationships. we talked our hearts out at one random but magically blessed occasion, we helped each other to get back on track. from then on we kept each other posted with our lastest boys’ stories, i dare say i know her path on where she found her man from the beginning to the destiny! (yay!!) and how honored i am to be able to put in my two cents onto her mark of her next chapter!

joe is a true wine connoisseur! an obsessive fine dining lover, well-respected, and ah! his voice cracks when he gets excited! (ya, a lot of those moments at their wedding!!) so, this one day, monique yanked joe to come up with a wine to describe her, and joseph was at a loss. “sorry, can’t think of anything.” dang! sorry! oops. so the story went, he went on his usual wine exploration and there he stumbled upon THE wine – “elegant and light with feminine features that possess many levels of density….” and he bought the entire batch and named it “Cuvee Monique“.

i have tasted it and till now it’s remained my favorite!

“How much more pleasing is your love than wine.” thank you for sharing the romance with the rest of us!