/ a little love story: peter marries beverly /

/ a little love story: peter marries beverly /

we filled our first ever meet-up chatting a bit too loud and giggled a bit too intensely, we talked about everything BUT her wedding (we got more into our *other* non-weddingly secret operation… it’s a secret).

bevie was a (tall) ballerina, obsessed with all sorts of heart-shaped anything, and all the way pink! the über girlie girl kind of bride! peter proposed as part of her birthday celebration and popped the question up in a helicopter above the beautiful victoria harbor with a tag-along professional photographer! and that brought me the pictures of the brightest smiles i’ve seen!!

i had such an inspiringly awesome time working with B, and we both fell in love with mr. helicopter here. such a blessing to have met a client, ultimately a friend that enjoys my work almost more than i do. i’m extremely encouraged and fueled up and once again Bevie reminded of how much i love my job.

thanks B!:)

it’s going to be the sweeeeetest wedding and looking forward to all the crazy wifey stories ahead!! yayyie!!