/ a little love story: allison & terence /

/ a little love story: allison & terence /

I met allison for the very first time with her mom there, i think it was the first time that i got to meet with a parent of a client! as intimidating as it sounds, it turned out to be one of the best meeting i’ve had so far!

allison is a very fine and delicate very british kind of girl with an american accent; she strolled in almost with an autuum breeze and she spoke with a sweet soft voice, (which got me too, to speak softer with more sophistication!) we had a good time over tea, it felt more like catching up with a family friend and a very nice “auntie” than anything. it struck me how auntie was so supportive with wedding planning, so on board yet so relaxed, on top of that she was on full gear rooting for allison and terence’s blessed relationship. it was beautiful!

allison and terence met thru a mutual friend at the elegant piano bar on kensington high street, london, and then things just sparked off for them, all the things of a boy that used to annoy allison didn’t happend on terence the same way (hmm, like long socks… a nay on everyone, but a yay on terence) and it was decided that they were truly special for each other! terence was also allison’s first love, so fragile yet so solid, so exciting yet so close to home. her heart has never been broken before and is now under the safest roof.

a charmingly elegant love story, i’m so honored to be part of the celebration. all the best ahead guys! x

and now that i’m familiar with the london map from the map illustrations; cannot wait to visit, the last time i was in london was 10 years ago!