/ a little love story: emmy and yasuhiro /

/ a little love story: emmy and yasuhiro /

the holiday season is over and i’m finally back on my feet.

emmy oh emmy! a straight off dolly perfect from japanese beauty magazines!! you know, the kind that i keep for haircut and make up references? the kind of face that i just simply stare into for hours admiring. a mysterious light seems to follow this girl around to give her that perfect glow on her cheeks. it’s pretty crazy. the first time we met i was like “can i touch your hair?” i’m glad that i didn’t scare emmy off with my random request and we’ve already gone into deep sharing on that first time we met about long distance relationship experiences and we even shed some happy tears.

emmy met yasu in graduate school in london, a love at first sight kind of affection hooked them up and then it was the strong love bond, patience and faith that kept them together while being physically apart after graduation; emmy moved back to hong kong and yasu, tokyo. astronomical number of phone calls, visits and- love letterss (!)… awww. a walking testimony to encourage all passionate long distances lovers here.

i’ll make sure that i check up on her later to make sure that she is still picture perfect in the midst of being a wifey wife! ha!