/ oh little paradise tree /

/ oh little paradise tree /

this is our first ever christmas tree! discovery bay from last year kinda didn’t quite speak christmas, but this year we’re totally in! i think i’m getting quite competitive with my neighbors here in the city that i almost moved my happy tree outside the door!! it’s great to be back and be festive! yay!

so i read up a little about the little story of the happy tree, pretty sensational stuff, you see, people used to decorate the tree with real apples, to represent the eucharist and redemption, and along with candles as “the light of the world”.

and then i know why my tree is so happy…; each and every weakness and shame over the year was remembered and lifted as these ornament went up and then blood was shed and all was redeemed. and then came the little shinning lights. they are here to give hope, joy and peace to my house.

so instead of showing off my christmas tree to my neighbors, i guess i should instead label each and every ornement with all the nasty spots in me and i’ll start with “pride and arrogance”.

and now i just want to keep my happy tree in the coziness of the house, honored and cherished.
thank you jesus!